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Safety Tips for Water Skiing

Owner of a construction company in Austin, Texas, Alan Erickson prides himself as one of the best home builders and has utilized his experience throughout the years to ensure his customers get value for their money. Alan Erickson enjoys horse riding and water skiing outside of work.

Water skiing is a sport that requires participants to balance on a pair of skis while they are pulled along the surface of a river by a boat. The sport can be dangerous for beginners who need help understanding how to navigate on the water while being pulled along. However, with the knowledge of specific safety tips, skiers can reduce risk factors.

During every water ski trip, the boat driver, water skier, and in some cases, a third rider must familiarize themselves with basic hand signals. By reviewing hand signals, such as thumbs up meaning faster and thumbs down meaning slower, they can easily convey messages to each and make the water skiing ride safer.

There has to be a third person on the boat watching the skier when just one person is operating the boat or towing a skier. The boat’s operator must maintain both external and internal concentration while operating the vessel. The observer is left responsible for ensuring the skier’s safety and is in charge of keeping an eye out for the skier’s hand signals.

Skiers do not turn toward the same direction as the boat when the boat driver changes direction; instead, they often make a broader turn. Because of this, the boat driver must ensure that they minimize sudden moves so they won’t endanger the skier.


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